It’s no secret that Volkswagen wants Alfa Romeo. The German automaker is trying to become the world’s largest automaker by 2018 and purchasing Alfa would help them towards that goal.

At this year’s Geneva Auto Show, Ferdinand Piëch announced that Volkswagen could quadruple Alfa’s sales in just five years. Sergio Marchionne responded to that statement by saying that as long as he is head of Fiat, Alfa will not be sold. He also added that Volkswagen should take care of Seat instead.

Marchionne made Fiat’s intentions crystal clear but Volkswagen is adamant. via

Lets hope that this never happens.  A VW flat-four motor (OK, a Porsche, whatever) in an Alfa?  Not unless it is built in South Africa.  Some will get the joke.  But seriously, Marchionne needs to win this battle.  I’m now convinced that VW would destroy the brand.  Not that Fiat has done wonder for it, but they seem to have gained direction lately, and the 4C “baby supercar” in development looks like it could be a winner.  This is the direction that the marque should move, upmarket and back to its sporting heritage with cars that are exciting to drive.