Click to enlarge [Alfa will come with new things at the 2012 Geneva show...]

Things aren’t exactly going great for Italian company Alfa Romeo and probably the main proof for this is the carmaker’s plan for the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, one of the largest venues in Europe. Alfa will reduce the size of its stand at the 2011 Geneva show from 979 square meters this year to just 639 square meters, thus lending less space than Fiat, Lancia, Chrysler, Jeep, Ferrari and Maserati, the other brands in the Fiat Group that will attend the event. What’s interesting is that Alfa will cease its space in Hall 3 to Ferrari and Maserati, as Luca Ciferri of Automotive News Europe wrote today, with the Italian brand to move in Hall 4. Curiously, Alfa Romeo’s stand will be close to Volkswagen’s, the German carmaker that has already confirmed its interest to take over the Italian company. Wondering what’s the reason for such an insignificant presence at such a major event? A Fiat spokesman says that Alfa has nothing new to display in Geneva, so why lend more space? More goodies are likely to be revealed in 2012, so expect a larger Alfa stand in two years.

My own take is that Fiat is in a real bind. They don’t know what to do with Alfa Romeo, and apparently they have no new models in the immediate future. A launch of the brand in the USA, while hopeful, is a major undertaking and is likely doomed to failure. Talk of the next generation small Chrysler cars being based on the Alfa Giulietta may give Chrysler the product they’ve been sorely lacking to compete, particularly with the Koreans, but it certainly doesn’t do the Alfa Romeo brand any favors. Maybe a sale of the brand to Volkswagen would be the best thing, although the thought of it makes me cringe. What do you think?