“Mazda’s new design chief, Ikuo Maeda, previously said that he is aiming for a more “Japanese Alfa Romeo” look and that means no smiley faces. The company today unveiled a new concept called Shinari, a four-door-coupe study that shows the future design direction for the Japanese brand. Mazda said that it will use the word ‘Kodo’ (Japanese for soul of motion) to describe the new design language, which was created through a collaboration between Mazda’s styling studios in Germany, the United States and Japan.”

Well the new look is pretty dramatic and exciting. Certainly it is much better than the bulging wheel wells of the RX-8 and the smiley face of the Mazda3. I’m not sure if I like the jowl extensions, which look like extra fat on a chin. The nose looks more Maserati-influenced than Alfa Romeo. And this is a big car. Lets hope they’re serious and that the claims of aiming for Audi and BMW for fit and finish are a real target. Go Mazda.