Fiat announced that they are rolling the Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Abarth brands together into one group. Alfa Romeo certainly has been in decline for about a decade as far as sales volume goes, and have been slow to market with new models. This, among other things, has also caused resale values to plummet, which also scares off buyers and causes a further spiral downward. Hopefully the re-grouping of these three performance brands will help to streamline costs, share platforms, and allow for better market branding which captures the essence of performance motoring and the heritage of each marque. Maybe Alfa won’t get lost or mixed with Chrysler after all. The new Giulietta looks to be a great car, and along with the MiTo and the MultiAir technology they potentially have a winner. Now it is up to management to sell it to the wary public and revitalize one of Italy’s most successful automotive brands.