Alfa Romeo introduces the new MiTo Quadrifoglio at the Frankfurt auto show.


Looks like a great car, and they’re utilizing their MultiAir engine which improves power as well as fuel mileage.  With Chrysler struggling, I’m afraid that we’ll never see this Alfa in the US.  All the recent reports point to the Fiat effort to rebuild the Chrysler product line.  Hopefully Alfa doesn’t get lost in that shuffle, or worse, get rebadged as Chrysler.  

Either way it is going to take some time.  Fiat is targeting early 2011 as the introduction date for the Fiat 500 in the US.  Maybe time is what they need to figure out how to make this acquisition work.  What I find amazing is the reports that Fiat has been surprised by the lack of inventory and slow Chrysler sales.  You would think that they would have visited a few US dealers to get the front-line perspective before purchasing the company.  They’re expecting dealers to expand to accommodate the additional brands.  This strategy doesn’t bode well for Fiat or Alfa, either, as these are the same dealers who aren’t selling any cars thus don’t have the capital to build.