The implosion of the auto industry is causing a landscape of deals that is difficult to keep up with. The folks over at put together a simple graphic display of the industry partners, shown below. It is fairly comprehensive, although there are a few details missing, such as Ford’s partial ownership of Mazda, and some of it has changed since the publication date, i.e. Saab and Koenigsegg. Ford emerges pretty solid, Chrysler not so.

I don’t see how Fiat is going to save Chrysler; they have no small cars to offer, which is one reason among many that they were having the double-down on the “cash for clunkers” in order to get people to consider one of their qualifying cars. If rumors of a Ferrari-derived engine in the Viper and the next-generation Alfa Romeo sedan being both large and built on a Chrysler platform are true, this absolutely takes the company the wrong direction in my humble opinion. The Viper really should have a truck engine (ahem), which is a strength for Chrysler, and Fiat’s strength is certainly in the small car segment including Alfa Romeo.

Why don’t they play to their strengths? Anyone want to place a wager on the longevity of the deal? Didn’t think so.

Click on the graphic for a larger image from, a great service, check it out.


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